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Location:hell-A, California, United States of America

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CAPSLOCK, 1984, 70s tupperware colors, a moneyless utopia, accidental tourists, alfred hitchcock, all things in miniature, andy warhol, argument man, art thefts, attorney at lol, awkward jaws, back to the future, batshit crazy germans, being excellent at badminton, big can openers, blacks whites and greys, breaking bad, caffeine maintenance, cinema, comics, daniel clowes, daniel faraday, david hasselhoff's hypnocrotch, david lynch, delicious violence, delicious wine, deloreans powered by sexy, desmond hume, destroying stereotypes, deus ex machina memory, dialing wands, dont blame me i voted for jameth, double entendres, e.e. cummings, edgar allan poe, eightball, eluding a/s/l requests, ernest hemingway, falling off of chairs, faux art, faux post-vegetarianism, film noir, finding new hair products, flamingos, frank lapidus, french sound, fuck3.exe, fucking idiot mcdinosaur, ghost world, h.p. lovecraft, i'm alan partridge, i've got a theory, imaginary legal threats, inappropriate and scandalous behavior, indian film music (old), internet lawsuits, iron man, it's 'colour' dammit, james joyce, jeff motherfucking goldblum, jerks with glasses, kids in the hall, kurt vonnegut, l-o-l in rapid succession, leaving crossword puzzles incomplete, leprosy man, linux, los angeles, lulz express, lulz news network, lulz_is_a_corruption_of_lol, mad scientists, manchester, matthew fucking bellamy, michael fucking jackson, more soup, motherfucking booze time, muppets, muse, museums, my former ibook, mystery science theater 3000, narcopolo, not you maybe you, nudity, oscar wilde is witty, overpriced jeans, pornography, purposefully vague livejournal interests, putting my records on, radical subjectivism, rewind and wind, rosencrantz/guildenstern, rubber chickens, ruining my life, saving useless jars, scotch, slobodan milosevic, stanley kubrick, stopping the porn-bot menace, surrealism and dada, sylvia plath, that neorealist musical, the apollo space program, the chrysler building's top, the empire state building, the grotesque in photography, the last bell ringing, the lost generation, the venture bros, time warp weekends, tony stark, tragic bad taste, transmetropolitan, unneccesary pretentiousness, vonnegut, warren ellis, watchmen, weaving trash, whoop dee shit comback, wolverine's sex claws, zs with lines through
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